Facial Attendance System for Schools




Schools and Universities in the UAE have taken a number of measures to ensure that students, staff and faculty members are aware on how to avoid the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

High-level educational institutions have already been carrying out awareness campaigns on campuses and social networking sites on the do’s and don’ts, in addition to installing soap dispensers throughout their buildings.

The Ministry of Education had earlier instructed universities and schools to cancel competitions, festivals and activities inside their premises, especially those that require student gatherings. The circular also pointed out that all approvals for pre-planned trips are now invalid.

Schools said they have also adopted distance-learning techniques to address crises and natural disasters.

QDC  (Quality Digital Community ) has introduced its one of a kind solution that not only takes attendance of students through facial recognition but also detects their body temperature.

This system will enable schools move towards a ‘touch-less’ attendance and workplace access in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak,

With the thermal imaging device in the system, schools can track staff or students with high temperatures that may indicate infection, and build in operating procedures to avoid further contamination caused by finger/thumb-based bio metric scanners.

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