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Quality Digital Community offers a great opportunity for individuals and entities to be contribute to the making of revolutionary technology that disrupts the way the industry works. By submitting your idea through i-QDC, you have an opportunity to become a partner and share in its profits the moment your idea is accepted following review and due process. i-QDC is your chance to glow, compete and participate within the high-tech-savvy-world we live in.

How it works:
Do you have an idea?
Do you think it will be a hit to the market?
Do you think it’s going to add value (e.g. environment, social, financial, entertainment)?
Do you want to convert it to interactive app?
Do you need advice and a network to execute it?
Do you want to maintain the copyrights of your idea?
Do you want to be remunerated and enjoy a guaranteed percentage cut as a pay back?

If you’ve answer “YES” to all the above, simply

Fill out the Form
Hit the submit button
Hold your breath in anticipation!

The information you provide will be kept 100% confidential according to the agreement below:

To the best of my knowledge, I do hereby declare and assert that I am the original inventor of the idea described herein. I hereby authorize Quality Digital Community FZ-LLC to provide me with their free initial product review with no purchase required. I understand that submitting my concept is not a release and that this information cannot be used, disclosed, or sold without my expressed written permission. Further, I understand Quality Digital Community FZ-LLC cannot be held responsible for the return of voluntarily submitted materials (i.e. photos, drawings, prototypes) including this Confidential Product Outline.

By clicking the ‘Submit’ button, you certify that you are in agreement with the agreement specified on this page.

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