• Unique concept Worldwide

  • Ensure child whereabouts are well monitored from Home to school and vice versa

  • No additional hardware nor technical gadget will be required

  • Accessible by school (Admin and bus supervisor) and the parents

  • Ensure simplicity and ultimate customer experience

  • Parents will have to download the onzbus mobile app from Apple or Google store (one-time fees 10 USD)

  • Parents will register in mobile app with their secured user ID and password

  • Parents will add their child by scanning the barcode in his student ID card

  • Supervisor will have a online list of onboarded students and who are not onboard and can simply contact parents/school thru same app

1. School Admin

Export Bus Student sheet + Upload Student sheet thru onzbus web app +  Onzbus web app will print and generate barcoded Student ID  = Done


2. Bus Supervisor (entry)

Log to onzbus Mobile App as supervisor+ Select Bus and start the session +Scan Student IDs(*1st Notification will be sent to parentsInforming them their Child checked into the bus)= Done


3. Parents Mobile App

Log to onzbus Mobile App as Parents + Select student name to monitor the bus route +Map will show Bus route (*2nd Notification will be sent to parents before 5 minutes of arrival )  = Done


4. Bus Supervisor (exit)

On arrival, supervisor will Scan Student ID+ 3rd Notification will be sent to parents Informing them their Child checked out the bus  = Done

Email: info@qdc.ae
Whatsup: +971585858511